Role Of Chongch'an In Sinae's Life In Miryang In The Film Secret Sunshine

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Film: Secret Sunshine (2007)

Choose one of the following questions (1a. or 1b.) to address in your response paper.  (Please note the number of the question that you are responding to at the beginning of your paper.)

1. In one of the readings for this week, Jennifer Manlowe writes that patriarchal religious discourse demands certain things of women that are designed to “reinforce women’s ’natural’ inferiority” (59): self-sacrifice for love; submission to an all-powerful male; reliance on external authority for direction; distrust of one’s experience as authoritative in itself; and belief in redemption through a male savior (60). 

a. As the central character in Secret Sunshine, Sinae is in a sense a survivor—she has survived her father, her husband, and even her son—and a victim of male violence.  Discuss how Sinae’s character resists or pushes back against one or more of these expectations of “properly feminine” women.

b. Chongch’an may appear to be a minor character in the film.  Yet he also brackets the entire story—he is with Sinae in the opening scene, and at the very end of the film—and accompanies her at crucial moments throughout.  Discuss Chongch’an’s character.  In the midst of often “absent” but still influential male figures (father, husband, son, pastor, principal/murderer), what role does he play as perhaps the main “present” male figure in Sinae’s life in Miryang?