Negotiation and Changes from Management Field

Discipline: Sociology

Type of Paper: Creative writing

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 3 Words: 1100



You will write an analysis (4 pages, double spaced) which will describe what happened over the course of your choice of two of our in-class negotiation exercises:  why things happened as they did, what you learned from what happened, and, incorporating the peer feedback you received, what it means you would/should do differently the next time you encounter a similar situation.  This paper should cite, explain, and apply concepts from our class sessions and readings.  Typically, these papers should contain the following information:

A brief description of what happened in the actual negotiations. In other words, what were the behaviors/communications/attitudes of the parties involved?  Be as succinct as possible.

Use relevant theory/concept(s) to analyze why things happened as they did in the negotiations. Get inside the minds of the people involved.  Why did they behave in the way that they did?  What negotiation concepts/theories best explain why your particular agreements were reached?

What are the implications of these personal experiences? That is, what have you learned about your own negotiation skills, both from these experiences and from the peer feedback you have received throughout the class?  Were the outcomes of the two exercises different?  If so, what explains the differences?  What have you learned about the importance of planning?  Did planning help you?  Why or why not?  What specific actions are you going to take in future negotiations and why, given this learning?

I will upload to easy negotiation exercises that we did in class, so you can take a look on it. I am playing a role of Sam in "Science department" exercise and H-Electrix in "Automotive Company" exercise. The PDF that I will upload will explain each negotiation roles, topic, what's going on, and etc.. I will also upload some notes that I took during the negotiation in the class and what is the solution that we come up with for each one, so that might help.