Legal and Ethical Issues

Discipline: Political science

Type of Paper: Creative writing

Academic Level: Undergrad. (yrs 3-4)

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 6 Words: 2003



1) Why do you feel that the national security strategy serves as the most important document at this point in time?

2) Discuss the challenges associated with protecting the homeland and balancing privacy and civil liberties. Is there a conflict that exists between the law, ethics, and politics and does this present challenges in homeland security?

3)Critique the homeland security enterprise's capability to meet emergent future challenges while balancing civil liberties.

Technical Requirements

• Your paper must be at a minimum of 8-10 pages, or 2-3 pages per question (the Title and Reference pages do not count towards the minimum limit).

• Scholarly and credible references should be used. A good rule of thumb is at least 2 scholarly sources per page of content.

• Type in Times New Roman, 12 point and double space.

• Students will follow the current APA Style as the sole citation and reference style used in written work submitted as part of coursework. 

• Points will be deducted for the use of Wikipedia or encyclopedic type sources. It is highly advised to utilize books, peer-reviewed journals, articles, archived documents, etc.

• All submissions will be graded using the assignment rubric.