Geography Is a Social Determinant of Health and The Concept of Geographical Imagination

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QUESTION INSTRUCTIONS: The take home exam should take you approximately three (3) hours of actual writing time but you have been given 2 days (48 hours) to complete it. Please plan your time accordingly. Answer 2 of 3 of the questions below. These questions will ask you to define/explain concepts/readings and then address the links between them. This exam is cumulative. You should draw on course readings primarily, and the lectures only when a term/concept/issue has been introduced in lecture that is not included in the readings. Please include definitions of any key terms you use. Imagine you are answering these questions for someone who has no prior knowledge of the course content. Give examples and explain your arguments fully. Responses will be graded on their content and their engagement with the course material (e.g. citations). Response should be in paragraph format. Do not use point form. APA in-text citation style must be used. A reference page is not required, unless you draw on sources outside the course content, which is not necessary. If you are citing lectures you can use the following citation style (Lecture #, Majeed, 2020). Answers should be no longer than one and a half (1 ½) pages each, singlespaces. Each question is worth 25 marks, for a total of 50 marks. 2 of 2 ACADEMIC INTEGRITY Please respect all of the hard work you’ve done this year as you complete the Take Home Exam, by making sure that the work you do here is your own. Using an unauthorized resource or asking someone else for the answer robs you of the chance later to feel proud of your work. Please know that all suspected cases of academic dishonesty will be investigated following the procedures outlined in the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters. FORMAT • Both questions should be included in one document/submission and submit online through the course site • No title page. Include your name, student number, course code, and the instructor’s name in the header of the first page • Single-spaced • Times New Roman, 12pt • Include page numbers QUESTIONS (CHOOSE TWO OF THE FOLLOWING): 1. The Romanow Report (2002) stated that “geography is a social determinant of health”. Drawing on three (3) readings from this term (no more than one reading from each week’s readings), support this statement. Ensure you summarize the readings and make clear connections to how they highlight the importance of geography as a social determinant of health. 2. Define the concept of therapeutic landscapes. Choose two (2) readings from the second half of the course (not from Week 6 on therapeutic landscapes), summarize the readings and explain how they connect to the concept of therapeutic landscapes. Using the list of the four thematic areas in the therapeutic landscape literature (drawn from the Williams 2010 reading), identify and explain the thematic area you think each reading selected addresses. 3. Define the concept of geographical imagination. Choose three (3) readings from the second half of the course (not from Week 3 on geographical imagination) and summarize the readings and explain how they connect to the concept of geographical imaginations. Make sure you define any additional terms used in the readings selected and clearly connect them to the concept of geographical imaginations.