Film Review An Analysis of Mildred Pierce

Discipline: Film & Theater studies

Type of Paper: Creative writing

Academic Level: Undergrad. (yrs 3-4)

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 3 Words: 856



You will see a scene of Mildred Pierce. It focuses on two of

the main protagonists including the title character and sets up the narrative to


Please address the following questions in your response essay:

1. Curtiz’s use of lighting in this scene is dramatic and stylized. Describe the

lighting in the segment, not only in technical terms but as it relates to

narrative and character development. Be as specific as possible referring

to a number of shots and the sequence as a whole in order to support

your argument.

2. What dramatic effect does Curtiz achieve through editing? How has he

arranged the space of the scene through editing and toward what

narrative purpose?

3. A number of the shots in this sequence employ formally complex

compositions and framing. In what manner has Curtiz organized the

dramatic space through shot composition in order to advance the


4. Are there any other formal aspects in the scene (e.g. music, elements of

mise-en-scène) that contributed to your understanding and interpretation

of the segment?

Please support your opinions with specific examples but do not provide a

synopsis of the action of the scene except where necessary to elucidate your

point(s). In your response, it is critical that you utilize proper essay format with

an introduction, conclusion, explicitly stated thesis, and logically developed

argument. Please make sure to have a coherent argument and relate each of the

parts of the essay to one another. Your essay should be approximately three -

five, double spaced pages in length. Please do not do any research of any

kind, especially Internet searches; you may refer to the Bordwell, Smith and

Thompson textbook if you so desire.

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