Demand and Supply Equilibrium

Discipline: Business Studies

Type of Paper: Coursework

Academic Level: Undergrad. (yrs 1-2)

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 1 Words: 275


Do some research online and find a newspaper article (in the past 6 months)  that represents a situation where there is a change in demand or supply of a good or service.  Summarize the article in your own word then use the concepts you have learned to explain what will happen to equilibrium in the market.  

You MUST ATTACH THE URL. of the article.

Briefly explain the situation (in 1-2 lines).

Then spend most of your time relating the article's events to at least 1 determinant of demand (OR supply) learned in the chapter and state in what direction demand (OR supply) will shift.

Be very explicit in identifying the determinant responsible for the curve shift and in explaining why the curve will move as you predict.

As an economist, what impact do you predict this change will have on equilibrium price and quantity?

Put this together in a logical progression and be sure to use paragraphs.