Corona Virus

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Use your own words, no google cut & paste, I will know and you will get no credit for that question. Limit 6 pages, at least ½ page to get credit per answer Please read the following nature article on SARS-COV2 therapeutic targets. Discuss three potential biomarkers, or therapeutics you think have the best success and why. 1-PAGE. Write about three career choices you would like to pursue and why. Please indicate what educational background you need as well as extra experience you need to enter into the careers. The three careers must be different. It cannot be surgeon, pediatrician, dermatologist. Write ½ page on your opinion if schools should be re-opened in the fall 1 PAGE. Select three companies and vaccines for SARS-COV2 from the WHO list below. Select three different types of vaccines being pursued. I want a description of the company, its location. I also want description of the overall type of vaccine and why you think it maybe successful (or unsuccessful). Find three major clinical trial for drugs to treat other diseases that have been paused or canceled due to the Coronavirus. Tell the name of the company conducting the trial, the Phase of development, and describe the disease they are targeting. In your opinion, should other clinical trial be stopped? As an example: