Core MSML Competencies

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Academic Level: Undergrad. (yrs 3-4)

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Discuss five core competencies you developed throughout your MSML program. 

Note: Select these competencies from the attached “MSML Program Core Competencies.” 

3002.1.1: Practice of Management - The graduate explains the theoretical bases, current knowledge, best practices, and trends related to the practice of management. x 

3002.1.2: Theories of Leadership - The graduate uses contemporary theories of leadership to develop personal leadership skills based on a personal leadership philosophy. 

3019.1.1: Organizational Structure - The graduate analyzes the impact of organizational structure on the effectiveness of the organization. 

3005.1.4: Motivation, Development, and Innovation - The graduate selects appropriate leadership strategies to enhance motivation, development, and achievement of others. 

3009.1.6: Improving Organizational Performance - The graduate uses appropriate data to improve organizational performance. 

2.  Analyze your experience in task 2 by doing the following: 

a.  Explain how you applied each of the five competences discussed in part A1 in resolving your client’s business leadership challenge. 

b.  Discuss at least two obstacles you encountered in completing task 2. 

i.  Explain the strategies used to overcome each of the obstacles discussed in part A2b. 

c.  Discuss at least two strengths that you displayed while working with the client. 

i.  Explain how you identified each of the strengths discussed in part A2c. 

ii.  Discuss how you could apply each of the strengths discussed in part A2c to future projects. 

d.  Explain how your client project (task 2) is relevant to your current or aspired leadership position.