Are Collage Athletes Getting Enough Credit For Their Hard Work?

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Essay #3: Supporting a Thesis Statement with Outside Sources Worth: 200 Points Due Date: Day of the Final Exam: May 29th Length: 6-7 pages Format: MLA For your final out-of-class essay assignment in this course, you have 3 options (you only need to pick one): Option 2: In a well-developed essay, respond to the following question: Do you think student athletes should be paid? 1. 1. Make sure to be as specific as possible when developing your response—if you think they should be paid, how much and under what terms? 2. You may utilize the relevant readings we discussed in class, but you can also source your own readings. Link to readings regarding college athletes: Option 3: Perform a rhetorical analysis of a reading/song/music video of your choice (the reading must be approved by me), and do some historical research to support your analysis of the reading/text. How to succeed on Essay #3: · Have a strong introduction and thesis statement · The type of claim you develop in your essay should be clear · Adequate development of argument/analysis through use of multiple paragraphs--in other words, try to avoid my needing to comment “develop this point further” or posing questions throughout your essay · Make sure that you have discussed all necessary points to explain or prove your thesis/ claim · Have detailed, focused paragraphs (one main idea per paragraph) that are arranged in a logical order · Use topic sentences, and employ transitions when necessary · Cite a minimum of 2 sources; the quality of these sources will also be evaluated · Use quotations, summaries, and paraphrases when necessary · Employ ethos (establish your credibility), pathos (appeal to emotions), and logos (organization of material and/or facts/data) · Have strong conclusions · Try to have a creative title · Adhere to MLA guidelines · Always remember to proofread and format your paper neatly · Avoid using “you” in your research paper, as well as in any essay that you submit for a college course. Sent from Mail for Windows 10