A new social media strategy

Discipline: Other

Type of Paper: Creative writing

Academic Level: Undergrad. (yrs 3-4)

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 6 Words: 1934



Please read page 43-48 Might to page 54 have chart and data if u need

Prepare a 5-page report (12-point font, double spaced not including the title page or reference page), that addresses the following questions:

How has WestJet’s social media efforts evolved over time and assisted with being a corporate voice and customer relations platform?

Should Bartem and Hounslow opt to launch WestJet channels on Snapchat or Pinterest?  NOTE: Research each platform and determine how well each could serve WestJet’s corporate voice and be consistent with its current branding.

Research and describe one interesting new social media platform that is on the horizon (less than two years old).  Should WestJet be actively exploring new arrivals like this new service or waiting until a platform is popular and proven before investing in it? What best fits WestJet’s short and long term social media goals?  What is the criteria for success?

What best fits WestJet’s short and long term social media goals?  What is the criteria for success?

What decision option best fits WestJet’s decision criteria and can be sustainable in the short and long term within the economic constraints provided in the case?

With a budget allowance of $0 CAD, will WestJet be able to build a serious presence on its selected new social media platforms while maintaining its existing ones?  Serious can be defined as adding value to revenue generation, customer service, and brand engagement goals (i.e. through social media platform selection and the respective roll out plan, how can this strategy/adoption of a new platform pay for itself)

Grade standard


Content (60%)

a. Described the background of the company (Note: This section should set the context for the analysis


b. Clearly stated the problem faced by WestJet and its leadership (Note: what specifically is the decision to be made within the context of the case. Ensure you specifically differentiate between the problem and its symptoms.)


c. Demonstrated a thorough analysis supported by academic as well as other sources (Note: The analysis should be in response to the posed case questions and should incorporate assigned readings, the case and external sources.)


d. Presented recommendations (action plan) (Note: Ensure your recommendations are supported by evidence from readings and research). 



Communication (25%)

a. Effective use of the English language – spelling/grammar, sentence/paragraph structure, etc.


b. Report structure (Note: You should follow structure presented in unit 1).


c. Strength of introduction and conclusion



Research and Information Literacy (15%)

a. APA Formatting (title, headings, and references)


b. Quality of research sources